Patient & Professional

Having Petr as my realtor was a wonderful choice. His patience with my unfortunate personal situation that was slowing my ability to move forward was endless. Petr always encouraged me. He wanted me to see more properties until I felt comfortable and completely at ease with my selection. He never pushed me nor expressed the slightest bit of annoyance with my long lasting search for the perfect place to buy for myself. Petr, his wife, Karen and their daughter, Katja, all were kind, friendly, helpful, available and professional, all at once.

I truly felt taken care of while shopping for my condo. I truly felt I am in good hands and will be assisted all the way towards the end. And I was. When my closing day needed to be moved, Petr took care of it. He clearly listed my responsibilities and advised on my options. When I was coming to the closing table almost from the airport, he was the one who made sure, I am going to have everything that needs to be there lined up and ready for the closing transaction to be completed without any problem.