Our Family’s Interest Was His Top Priority

“We had known Petr for many years as our family grew. We were outgrowing our home, but decided to try to “stick it out” until the children started leaving the house. Petr and Karen respected our decision; yet, we knew if we ever needed a realtor we would hire them. Unexpectedly, we became caregivers to one of our parents. Although she is in her independent apartment, the distance from Grandma’s perfect housing in the Madison area and our home of twenty years was simply too much. Our old home’s steps were daunting for our mobility challenged loved one. We started talking to Petr about buying land and building for our current and potential unique future needs. He had connections with quality firms which we would not have known existed nor could we have been assured a return phone call as a new client without his introduction. We were determined to build. Petr and his builder connections even “walked” a few plots of land for us. Still Petr, along with his wife Karen and new partner, daughter Katja, kept their eyes open for all possibilities. When one of his detailed searches sent an existing home meeting our criteria into our inbox, we thought we should just “look.” Well, as the January day progressed from confirming a showing until the four-pm appointment on a Monday, the weather became icy and dangerous. My husband’s work was only minutes from the house, so he told me to stay put. He said, “If Petr can get here, he and I will look at it.” Petr safely arrived in the storm and they began intensely examining the home. So, we regrouped that night and realized this house could be the one! The extreme weather made the Madison morning commute miserable, but this was our “ace in the hold” advantage in this highly competitive market. By mid-morning Grandma and I were at the new house loving what we saw with Karen giving the tour. Grandma, who had pounded nails over fifty years ago when building a house with her husband, approved of the quality of the construction and stated, “this is the first thing I’ve seen in Madison worth buying!” By noon, we had put in an offer that was solid and accepted. The house had been on the market for almost twenty-four hours and we were the only ones who saw it! What dedication to our search shown by Petr and his wife Karen; we will always be grateful! Part of our offer was an ambitious timeline of only three weeks to close. Petr had gleaned this was important to the sellers from his calls to the seller’s agent and worked with us to craft an offer to fulfill their needs at a competitive price. Petr discussed with us options and offered insight on every aspect of today’s attractive offers. We are so glad Petr and Karen made us a priority because at the property’s first open house which was listed as Offer-Show only five days later, others also wanted the property. Having only bought one other home, we felt the pressure to do everything right as these families were lined up behind us surely offering a higher price if something fell through. We worked closely with Petr on the inspection and contingencies, making sure defects were either remedied or we were compensated. His expertise also prevented the seller’s from finding a way to leave our offer for something better. The updated city assessment confirmed this and shocked us at what a great deal Petr had crafted for our family; we certainly bought smart! Petr had insight on how our family of many children had to move to keep our sanity. Starting out the process of buying, he prepared us for the rental market with good landlords if our timeline of building did not match when we sold our home. The way it turned out, we moved into an empty home and had time to prepare our previous home for sale. Not wanting to linger with two houses, we set an ambitious timeline to prepare and show our first home. Shifting from buying to selling was seamless with Team Kolarsky! Petr and Karen were there when the unexpected occurred or a delay in one contractor pushed our timeline out of sync for the next crew. One day, Karen made over fifty phone calls before noon to get about three hours of work needing a skilled tradesman completed before the end of that day so next step of work could be started in the morning. Not only did her diligence keep our timeline and the open house on track, but also the sanity of our family. We desperately wanted to go back to being “just” parents to our children and married to each other! Their expertise and knowledge in all areas of selling homes (trends, market, hot locations, buyers’ vs. sellers’ ratio) helped us be on top of the “educated market” here in Madison. We had an amazing open house turnout and accepted an outstanding offer. Petr made sure the buyer of our old home progressed in a timely manner with the steps to own it. He explained where the buyer was in the process of purchasing a first home and what an appropriate response would be to the interactions finalizing the plans. So much had changed in twenty years; Petr and Karen guided us as we did things our way making sure we avoided any pitfalls, but pivoting with us as our needs became more and more clear. We could also see that although Petr has decades of experience, he works hard to know the market right now and exactly where you are looking or selling. Over the six months we worked with Petr from start to finish, we had questions that would need some further research; he occasionally let us know a number or fact he found related to our specific case had taught him something new. His wisdom filtered the black and white information into knowledge giving us a well-rounded picture of the housing game Madison has become. Working with Petr allowed us to have a successful strategy behind our next moves. As I write this, I am grateful for Petr having our family’s interest as his top priority be it buying our new house or selling our old one. He is a people person with incredible insight to determine what is important and, most importantly, how to advocate on both sides of the closing table. We are very happy with the results; our re-located life has begun in our perfect-for-us family home.”