An Eye for Great Investments

Petr, my dad, has always had an eye for great investments. Whether it’s a home, investment property, or the stock market. Something that he instilled in me and my siblings at a young age is that investing in real estate is important and the younger you purchase the better! On my 20th birthday my dad set up a showing for us to check out a property. He knew if I could pull the trigger on this house, it would be an excellent purchase. I did and was so grateful for how he helped me find the house, negotiate the transaction, and in the end get a great deal. When I tell people that I bought my first house at 20 years old they’re a bit stunned. All I can say is, I couldn’t have made that happen without the help, support, and knowledge of my dad. He is trustworthy, hard working & one of the friendliest people I know. You can’t go wrong with hiring my dad! I think that means a lot coming from me since I’m his oldest daughter and know him pretty well! Good luck on all your future endeavors.